Neighborhood Notify

A new service called Neighborhood Notify is now being offered by Corporate Answer.

Have you ever wanted to tell all of your tenants, clients, employees, board members, homeowners, etc, that some special event is about to take place? Maybe you’re about to send out new statements, a special assessment notification that is required by your CC&R’s, or you have new information about upcoming social events, or there is to be work done in various parts of the community, or you have an upcoming board meeting.

Whatever the situation might be, Neighborhood Notify now gives you the opportunity to make one call to our system, leave your message in your company’s personally designed voice mail distribution box, and within a matter of minutes, all of your members have either received the notification live, or have the message sitting on their answering machine or their cell phone voicemail. We can even supply your individual members with personal voice mail boxes that can be a part of the distribution system and, upon receiving the message, can text them of the pending voice mail message.


  • Apartment Complexes

    • Activities
    • Rent notification
    • Street repairs
  • HOA’s and Associations

    • Board Meetings
    • Annual Meeting
    • Cookouts
    • Pool issues
  • Sports Teams

    • Practice and Game times
    • Cancellations
    • Team Mom notifications
  • Businesses

    • Work from Home notifications
    • Sales Meetings
    • Travel coordination
  • Churches and Religious Groups

    • Special Announcements
    • Choir Rehearsals
    • Dinners
    • Small Group scheduling
  • Organizations

    • Board Meetings
    • Group Functions

We can strategically design a system for you that will allow you to have one box that distributes to everyone. And, we can structure it for multiple boxes that will allow you the luxury of sending to specific groups, such as your board of directors, or specific floors of your complex, or sections of your community, as you need them.

Neighborhood Notify will call any type of phone system, whether it’s a business phone, a home land line, an answering machine, or a cell phone. You can have a very small list of names in the distribution list, or a very large list. And, you can have as many separate distribution lists as you need. Immediately following one simple call into the system, it will begin to automatically distribute your message to everyone on the list. And, it’s available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a reasonable monthly fee.

Use your imagination. Think how much easier your life would be if you could make one simple phone call each and every time you need to notify a group of people. Efficient management of your time, obviously, is important and Neighborhood Notify can give you that ability

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