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Handsets, Softphones & Hardware options

Devices to enable you to make and receive calls
We can provide you with handsets to use with your phone system.
You can also download a free softphone or purchase your own handsets elsewhere to use with the system.

Where to buy

We do not supply handsets directly, but there are many places you can get low cost handsets from, depending on the needs of your business. You can purchase and setup yourself, or purchase from an approved partner.


  • Lower call costs
  • No capital outlay
  • Simple to configure via the web
  • Powerful phone features
  • Use same system at office, abroad, home
  • Rental options, leasing and additional help

    For customers wishing to have someone come in and setup the handsets and procure them on your behalf, or who can provide leasing or rental options, you can discuss this with us as part of a custom package.

    Purchasing your own

    You can purchase a VOIP handset over the internet or from a store. You will need to register this with your VOIP user details via the phone’s web based interface. Ensure the phone you select is SIP v2 compatible.
    Some recommended phone handset brands:


    A softphone allows you to make calls via your laptop or PC by installing a small piece of phone software. You can make and take phone calls directly using a headset plugged in. You can download our recommended softphone here. This can be configured so you can access your phone system from your laptop or PC.

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