What are Virtual phone systems?

There are more options than ever for small business’ and individuals to communicate with clients, customers and associates.

Previously small business’ who wished to have a fully functional phone system had to purchase a private branch exchange phone system or PBX. This system connects all the phones within an organization to the public telephone network. The PBX system allows the company to give an extension number for individual employees, departments or fax machines.

The process of setting up a PBX system is complicated and costly, especially for A small business. A virtual phone system provides all of the same features as a traditional PBX while eliminating the expensive and complicated set-up costs .

As a small business owner or professional individual resources, time and budget are limited. However they still need to present the business and services in a professional manner for their clients and customers. A virtual phone system provides businesses with a much more flexible and cost effective service when managing phone and fax needs.

Corporate Answer provides virtual phone and fax solutions that provide small business’ and individuals with a very stable and flexible communication system meeting all the needs of their business. We provide features such as call forwarding, 800 numbers, fax services, voicemail and much more.

With our virtual phone and fax systems you are able to easily access your account online from any location and manage your call and fax preferences. From the account you are able to set up call forwarding, extension numbers,voicemail, welcome messages, caller menu options, fax to email plus much more.

Our virtual phone system uses a technology known as VoIP or voice over IP. This technology allows you to make and receive calls over the internet. With our packages you are not limited to calling or receiving calls from other people who have VoIP, you can make calls to any phone in the world and at a much lower price. To learn more about our phone services take a look at out Tele page.

Our virtual fax services use the same technology but allow you to send and receive faxes using without the need for a fax machine. You can send and receive faxes from your computer using email, to learn more about our fax packages look at our fax page.

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