How it Works

The whole process and technicalities involved in using VoIP and other services are, to most people, very confusing. Here we will try to explain how the whole process works so that people of moderate technical knowledge can understand.

Most people have used a computer to communicate with others via email or chat. VoIP works by allowing voice calls to be sent over the same data cables that you use for email and browsing the web. You may have recorded sounds or voices on your computer or other device such as your cell phone, VoIP does a similar thing, it records the caller’s voice and then immediately sends the recording over the data cable, the whole process takes a fraction of a second. For example during a conversation over VoIP small voice recordings are taken several thousand times a second and immediately sent to the recipient, one after the other. This means that there is no loss in sound quality and there is no real delay in delivering the spoken words.

There is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes, the small voice recordings that are taken by the computer are compressed so that they will take up less space both on the local computer and across the data network or internet. The voice recording is compressed into a specific frequency range, so the listener is not going to be hearing CD quality audio, but for the purposes of a telephone conversation you will not notice. For example if you were to play a music CD through your VoIP network you would notice the difference in quality, as you would with a normal land-line phone. However for a voice call the sound quality is near perfect.

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