Call Recording

Start recording a conversation at any time in a call or have it record every call automatically.

The recorded part of the conversation will then be delivered to your email for your review.

Businesses; both small and large are learning the value of recording calls. Some businesses are even mandated to record such calls.
There are many reasons why businesses and/or individuals need calls recorded.

Special Note & Concerns about recording calls:
Before recording any call it is good to have an idea about any rules, laws and any potential governing restrictions on call-recording in the jurisdiction or environment you are in.

Here are a few Call recording reasons.

Call recording helps in fact-finding and in verifying contractual compliance.  Companies face liability, arbitration and other potential conflicts with customers or employees; call recording is a valuable tool.

Customer Satisfaction:
Better “CRM” – Customer Relationship Management can be monitored and actions taken accordingly. VoIP call recording is a vital tool in CRM.

Employee Evaluation and Training:
Recorded calls allow companies to assess employees and subsequently allow changes. Recorded calls can also serve during the training of new employees. When training new telemarketing representatives in customer centric call-centers.

Many security breaches in companies are found in phone conversations whereby confidential information is divulged or disseminated to the outside;intentionally and unintentionally. Call recording along with automated recognition can assist.

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