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Aggregating cloud computing services for small,  medium-sized businesses and corporate enterprise.
The cloud computing platform is built to offer a wide range of hosted business services. To deliver these services to a guaranteed availability of 99.99%, an infrastructure which is versatile, scalable and highly resilient is required. To best explain the platform, we have a diagram of the layers involved.

Technologies Utilized
Our platform utilizes other vendor’s best of breed technologies to deploy our stack. Our platform also contains a number of proprietary provisioning and billing elements which abstract technology from service. In terms of our chosen vendors we partner with: Microsoft, Redhat, Parallels, VMware, Quest, Citrix, Mezeo, HP, Cisco, Intel and Juniper.

Our platform allows the setup of roles and users within the management interfaces, both for admin management and also for users of services, giving our partners and customers the freedom to design how and what their users can interact with. The platform also allows partners to support their own resellers, so that discounts and consolidated billing can be used.

Points of Presence
To truly support cloud computing, services must be delivered with low latency and, through redundancy, must be able to withstand outages. Our modular deployment means we have numerous points of presence where our customers and partners can choose services to be delivered from. Get the best experience, whether you are in London, New York or Paris!

# Currently we have points of presence in: United Kingdom (x2)
# United States (x2)
# Australia (x2)

We can also deploy modular points of presence quickly for partner opportunities.

Management Interface
A consolidated management interface allows the provisioning, support and modification of services in real-time. Back-end management capabilities and a customer self-service interface ensure efficient automation and management of services.

Utility Billing
Create a single consolidated invoice aggregating many different services. Construct plans, set resource limits and upgrade limits. Allow customers to add resources to a base plan. Define your own resources and upgrade paths. Bill any type of product or service and set work flows to accept online orders and invoice services that are delivered manually (e.g. professional services). Receive automated payments and input manual payments. Apply payments to customer invoices automatically or manually.

We includes powerful user interfaces to manage and provision services into the cloud platform but, for those partners or customers looking to integrate an existing infrastructure or existing control panel, We provide an API (application programming interface) to talk directly to some of The systems via XML RPC.

Service APIs
The service API provides integration to provision items such as Hosted Exchange, Dynamic Servers or Desktops with remote calls. Provisioning, management and other elements of the services can be done on the fly.

Customer Management APIs
For users wishing to utilize the billing platform, customer data can be managed along side the Service API, allowing for pricing, upgrade paths and even a store to be integrated directly.

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