Call Recording

Start recording a conversation at any time in a call or have it record every call automatically.

The recorded part of the conversation will then be delivered to your email for your review.

Businesses; both small and large are learning the value of recording calls. Some businesses are even mandated to record such calls.
There are many reasons why businesses and/or individuals need calls recorded.

Special Note & Concerns about recording calls:
Before recording any call it is good to have an idea about any rules, laws and any potential governing restrictions on call-recording in the jurisdiction or environment you … More..


You can configure your Corporate Answer telecom system to forward calls to a single number.

You setup find-me/follow-me to go to a designated number and change this at anytime through your online portal.
You can additionally make your number ring through to multiple numbers at the same time. Setup “Find Me” “Follow Me” to forward calls to a cell phone when you are away from the office or forward calls to a land-line number as and when you need. Complete scheduling can be enable and implemented for calls to follow you or find you based upon the day, time of … More..

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